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Sweetwater Revival drops new single to Radio!  

We are thrilled to see “Looking for the Coming of our King!”, our Brand New Single Drop at Radio! 

We are beginning to see this song already coming onto Radio Charts - TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!! 

Keep requesting this exciting and uplifting song, we appreciate you! 

Thankful to see "Songs in The Night" - Sweetwater Revival's brand new Radio Single coming on the charts!  

We are honored and tremendously thankful to see Sweetwater Revival's brand new Radio Single "Songs in the Night" making it's way up the chart! Glory to His Name! Little known fact - we actually recorded this song long ago but recently fell in love with it all over again. So we re-recorded it with new stellar harmonies and it's haunting, a song that really stays with you. We want to thank all the Radio Stations and DJ's Playing us Nationwide and in the other countries around the world as well... Praise His Name! 

Sweetwater Revival at NQC

Be looking for Sweetwater Revival in this official clip taken at the National Quartet Convention!