Welcoming Lisa Roers

We are thrilled to announce our new & fourth member Lisa Roers!! Otherwise known by her stage name Lisa Gabriel, she is no stranger to the professional music scene. Her passion for music began at the tender age of four, when she inherited not only her great-grandfather's Pianette (a mini piano with only 73 keys, vs the typical 88! ) , but also his love, his talents, and his passion for music. Lisa began lessons at age 5 & later that same year composed her 1st song! Although four more years would pass before she found help to write it down, she eventually won 2nd place at the Minnesota Music Composers Contest with her composition, & continued being inspired to write dozens & dozens of melodies throughout her school years. Lisa asked Jesus to be her Lord & Savior at age 13. She states "I know many have said it before, but I must admit that handing my life & my talents over to God really DID change my life. Before I let Him in, I was sad, lonely and hurting. I was trying to deal with a great deal of pain and I wasn't succeeding. God not only helped me heal from that pain, but He became my daily companion. Knowing He was in my heart and by my side brought great comfort." Lisa has completed two solo recording projects which feature original compositions & highlight both her vocal and instrumental talents. She enjoys expanding those instrumental talents when she has time. In addition to being proficient on piano, flute, and tin-whistles, she continues to hone her skills on the djembe, guitar, ukulele, and saxophone. Despite any fine-tuning of talents, accolades or accomplishments Lisa has collected over the years, her greatest desire is to serve Jesus Christ. It is her prayer that the talents God has gifted her with, will be used to glorify Him, and that through her music others may come to know the transforming power of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Welcome Lisa Roers, we are thrilled to have you join Sweetwater Revival !

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